Powerful Features

Ember Supported Data Types: Contacts, Appointment, History, Notes, Email Addresses, Phone numbers, Physical Address, Images.

Pricing Plans

Start with your Free account that includes ALL FEATURES, and only upgrade to UNLIMITED if you need more records.


$ 0.00 / yr

    • iOS Mobile App
    • Web App
    • Automatic Cloud Backup
    • Automatic Cloud Sync
    • Unlimited Syncing Devices
    • 500 Record Limit
    • Automated Appointment Reminder Emails (Now Available)
    • Email Technical Support.
    • No Phone Technical Support

$ 99.00 / yr

billed annually
  • Everything in Free Tier
  • Unlimited Records & Images
  • Phone Technical Support
  • Data Exports
  • Automated Appointment Reminder Text ( msg rates apply)

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Our App is Ad free and 100% free. No credit card required. The free account is limited to 500 records. You can have up to 500 records of each of these types of records : Contacts, History, Appointments & Notes. If you want to create more than 500 records, you will need to upgrade to our UNLIMITED plan. Example: Your free account could have 500 Contacts, 0 Appointments, 400 Histories & 100 Notes. You could still create new Appointments, Histories and Notes. However, You would need to delete a contact in order to add a new contact.  When you upgrade to the UNLIMITED account, you can have as many records as you want.

Yes, most users start with the free version, then when they exceeded the 500 record limit, they have the option to upgrade to UNLIMITED or delete records. It is up to you.

For users with an UNLIMITED account, You can cancel at any time. We bill annually and do not offer refunds. We find that the free accounts we offer is  enough for you to fall in love with EmberCRM. If you have an UNLIMITED account and cancel 8 months into your year long subscription, your account will stay active for the 4 remaining months and then will not auto renew or charge your card.

Once you perform services for the appointment, you should select “Complete Appointment”, this will remove it from your calendar and it will automatically prompt you to create a history, and copy the appointment details to the new history.

There is a great knowledge base Article here on that.

You cannot delete services, you can change their values “Is Active” to NO, and you will no longer see them when creating appointments or histories.

Since Ember 3.0 the data is auto synced to the cloud. While the app is open. You can review the sync status in Options > Cloud Sync Status.

At this time this is not possible, we have some plans for the future but as of now nothing is certain. You can import contacts from your iPhones Address Book.

Download EmberCRM

Ember features a web app, iOS app and Android app ( coming soon). The mobile apps sync the data to the cloud as it is added or edited.